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Wander Scarf Photo Shoots

We are so stoked to have worked with so many incredible creators! It takes photographers, models, graphic designers, stylists, illustrators, branding & content strategists to create these wonderful photoshoots. Many of our Wander Scarf creatives are multi-hyphenates! Meaning on any given shoot members of the team help in multiple creative capacities.

Pictured above from left to right: Stylist & Fashion PR expert Macki Baldridge holds the light reflector after modeling the Chefchaouen, Morocco Wander Scarf. Athlete Molly Renner models the Laguna Beach Wander Scarf in her hair while Photographer Madi Siegel captures the image (that can be seen below) as she also models Bologna, Italy Wander Scarf. Not pictured here but was an immense collaborator with tremendous energy on this shoot is Cade Baldridge.

But the multi-hyphenate collaboration doesn't stop there! Bianca Martinez CEO of The August Design Co is not only our branding & content strategist and also edits our Ways to Wear videos but can also be seen modeling our Laguna Beach Wander Scarf below!

Check out Bianca's behind the scenes of the Ways to Wear video shoot on the @theaugustdesignco

The shots above of Bianca where taken by brilliant photographer Brooke McGee. She has photographed for Wander Scarf all over California and can be seen below on the set of the LA photoshoot wearing the Laguna Beach Wander Scarf.

Brooke's work is absolutely gorgeous as you can see below in these photos from our LA shoot. Included here in the first image pictured from left to right are models Caley Martinez, Katie Vahl, Isley Walker, Bianca Martinez, Madeline Rose & Macki Baldridge. Each of these women brought incredible joy to the photoshoot and are a dream to work with!

Modeling the Chefchaouen, Morocco Wander Scarf in the two photos above is hardworking & talented Caroline Renezeder, founder of illuminate creative group and owner of lIluminate Studios where we shoot our Ways to Wear videos. Illuminate Studios is a photographers dream space and we highly recommend checking it out at

Brooke also shot our first ever Wander Scarf photoshoot! Brooke and founder Madeline Rose wandered all around Laguna Beach at Sunrise to capture the photos below.

It was only fitting to host the launch party for our team members where it all started, in Laguna Beach. The Picknickery beautifully matched their picnic decor to the flowers in our Laguna Beach Wander Scarf. This is where we met the amazing Erin Bornhoff of Redeem Productions who shot our launch event as seen below.

Erin is an amazing photographer and most recently photographed our Newport Beach Wander Scarf! She is a delight to work with and we cannot recommend her enough. The Newport Beach Scarf is not yet released but below is one very sneaky peek of the shoot.

Pictured on the left is Mallory Grimaudd, a breathtaking graphic designer that created our custom Wander Scarf logo and picked the font you are reading right now (we especially love how the uppercase W matches the W in our logo :) ! She has a keen eye and her creative input is invaluable. To see more of her work check out her website

Huge thank you to Sierra Kaczmarek for modeling and bringing so much delight & enthusiasm to the shoot! P.S. we will forever be OBSESSED with you shoes.

Laughing on the right is our founder & illustrator Madeline Rose :)

Overall we are so grateful to work with so many hard working & talent creatives on our photoshoots. Enormous thank you & lots of love goes out to each of you!

If you or any creatives you know are interested in working with the Wander Scarf Team please email

Keep Wandering.

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