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Bologna, Italy

Home of the most delicious ragu and one of the most beautiful city views you have ever seen!

Hi friends! Madeline here again. I have had the absolute pleasure of visiting Bologna twice for the annual children's book fair. The Bologna Children's Book Fair or La Fiera Del Libro Per Ragazzi is an expansive color explosion of the publishing industry. After long days hustling & bustling in the illustration metropolis, wandering the meandering streets of Bologna in search of a large glass of wine is heaven.

The golden glow of the city as the day comes to a close is glorious but the real magic happens after sunset. Beginning at twilight Bologna's tangerine orange buildings dance with the sky as she slowly deepens from creamy pastels to rich royal blues. Your eyes feast on the heavens while your body luxuriates in a smoldering bowl of ragu. This is the feeling I sought to capture in my illustrations of Bologna.

My first time to Bologna I was elated to draw among the outdoor ristorantes, food and flower markets. There is something tangibly magical about literally drawing inspiration from within the city itself . These sketchbook pages later helped me digitally create a postcard for Children's Book Fair the second year I attended.

This postcard became the center of the Bologna, Italy Wander Scarf! In the scarf you can also find the major sights of Bologna including Piazza Maggiore, Basilica di San Petronio and Asinelli Tower.

My absolute favorite part of Bologna is the view from Asinelli Tower. If you ever get the opportunity to visit I could not give a more glowing recommendation. Every time I wear my Bologna, Italy Wander Scarf I remember watching the sunset over the city with my mom. This is a memory I will cherish forever. I hope you will make many memories with your Wander Scarf and when you do please share them with us <3

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