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Launch Party

An afternoon bohemian picnic dream in Laguna Beach...

Guests included the team at Wander Scarf, their family members and partners. Many arrived Wearing their Wanders!

Sydney & Shan of The Picnickery perfectly matched everything from the pillow poofs to the absolutely gorgeous floral arrangements to match our Laguna Beach Wander Scarf color pallet. Their attention to detail made the event that much more special.

"We decided to make the launch Laguna Beach themed because this is where the company started- this is where our home is." - founder & illustrator Madeline Rose

On top of it all we were extremely lucky to have a beautiful blue bird day which Laguna locals will know can be quite the challenge during June gloom!

Our founder Madeline Rose gave a Ways to Wear scarf presentation featuring the soon to be released Newport Beach Scarf. She explained in every scarf there are hidden easter eggs. In the Newport Beach Wander Scarf this includes four of her favorite dogs and her family's birth years.

As a part of the Ways to Wear tutorial every guest received a Santorini Mini Wander Scarf. Madeline demonstrated how it can be worn as a pocket square, neckerchief, bracelet, headband and braided in your hair. The Ways to Wear your Wanders are truly limitless!

We would like to thank everyone who has given us their support. Special thanks to our team who worked so hard to bring this project to life including:

Brooke Mcgee our hardworking and brilliant photoshoot photographer.

Bianca Martinez our Marketing Strategist and video content editor, founder of The August Design Company.

Graphic Designer Mallory Grimaud who made our logo and brought the website a fresh look with her typography and color theory expertise.

Caroline Renezeder owner of Illuminate Creative Group who generously lent us her studio, camera and time.

Dan McGlinn who did wonderful work on all things website.

All of our amazing models Macki Baldridge, Madi Siegel, Molly Renner, Caley Martinez, Bianca Martinez, Katie Vahl, Isley Walker, Caroline Renezeder and Cade Baldridge for shooting/ helping on set.

Sydney and Shan from The Picnickery for putting together an amazing picnic and Erin Bornhoff our launch event photographer- you rock!

Our founder Madeline Rose would also like to give special thanks to her family Kelley, Carl, Caroline, Augie and Bella-

"Your support means the world to me!"

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