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Wander With Us to Mr.Fogg's House of Botanicals

In front of Mr.Fogg's House of Botanicals wearing London Wander Scarf & Gorjana Venice Mini, Blade and Wyatt Necklaces.

Hi Wanderers! Madeline here again, founder & illustrator at Wander Scarf. This Wednesdays post is about a particularly Wanderful spot in London.

Mr. Fogg's House of Botanicals is a magical sight filled with flora, fauna, do dads & delectable drinks. It’s one of my favorite places in London and for that reason I included it’s likeness in the London Wander Scarf. I say likeness because my illustration is not strictly accurate but rather based off the building shape, outer floral decor & essence of Mr.Fogg's House of Botanicals.

I love it so much I made a solo to visit with my sketchbook! The space is wild yet organized as plants cling to the spiral staircase and drape off the shelves weaving in, out and around carefully curated clocks & eclectic collectables. There are so many details its hard to appreciate it all at once which is of course part of the fun!

I had an absolutely wonderful afternoon attempting to capture all the miraculous plants and their bounties with my paintbrush & my tastebuds! I enjoyed two drinks off the Signature Menu, I especially recommend Jane's Little Temptation.

If you are a plant & adventure lover and find yourself in London Mr.Fogg's House of Botanicals is a must visit.

- Keep Wandering

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