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Welcome to Wander Scarf

Hi I am Madeline Rose, founder of Wander Scarf! It all started with a travel tip…

Always pack a scarf, it is the most useful and versatile item in your suitcase.” My mom gave me this piece of advice and it has stuck with me to this day. She also told me to always pack goggles, running shoes and extra underwear in my carry on so that if my underground bag gets lost at least you have all the essentials for an adventure. But that part is beside the point… even though it has *saved me* on more than one trip hehe.

WAIT I know what you are asking yourself right now…Is this just a longer less edited more freestyle personal version of the ‘our story’ page?

Well long story long the answer is yes! Anyway, back to the scarf travel tip...

My mom was right ~and aren't they always~by packing one scarf you save room in your suitcase because one item turns into 10 outfits. Drape over your shoulders for sun protection, warp around your neck in the cold, tie as a top, braid in your hair, loop as a belt or bow on the handle of your bag- just one scarf can create countless fashionable fits & packs super tiny in your suitcase.

There are many reasons why you would want extra room in your suitcase. You may need more room for whatever trinkets you buy or for the inevitable general laziness repacking at the end of a trip (lets get real I’m talking just stuff everything dirty, unfolded & jumbled inefficiently so you have to sit on on your suitcase it to zip it style… come on we have all been there ;)

My main reason for needing extra room is for my sketchbook and art supplies. Is it inefficient to bring paints, pens, collaging glue, sketchbook, etc with me on my travels when I can always just draw on an iPad? Of course! Absolutely no question. But unfortunately for suitcase (and my poor cloths every time there is a paint explosion yikessss) I have a true love for capturing the essence of a city as I experience it through my artwork and there is something particularly special about a messy sketchbook.

Unlike a creating on canvass where the whole world can see what you are working on a sketchbook is just for you. Doodle, paint & draw whatever you want because after you are done the page turns, the sketchbook closes and no one will ever see the work unless you want them to. For me that makes my sketchbook a free space to let go of judgment, self critique and perfectionism... so OF COURSE thats where my best work often happens!

I found myself wanting to share certain pieces with the world, particularly my drawings of the world itself... I just didn't know how I wanted to do it.

I shared a few on instagram which was fun but I still felt like that wasn't enough. Then I tried creating a Search & Find book. I used my sketchbooks as guides and re-drew the cities into procreate on my ipad. I could tell there was something to this artistic method. The Places & Patterns Search & Find book taught me a lot and was definitely fun. But I still felt like I could do more with my city illustrations...

Then I came up with an idea! I started collecting scarves from everywhere I traveled. Not only was every scarf useful on each trip itself but also every time I wore it thereafter I had a living memory of my travels. Finally it hit me! Instead of collecting random scarves from my travels I wanted to start collecting scarves with the cities I visit actually depicted on them. But sadly this didn't really exist.. and when I finally found a scarf with an illustrated city on it had none of the life or vibrance that reflected my experience of the place.

I knew I could draw a more vibrant & fresh interpretation of the city and print it on higher quality fabric myself... and Wander Scarf was born!

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