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Where to Eat, Drink & Be Merry in Mexico City

Hi Wanderers! Madeline here again, founder & illustrator at Wander Scarf. I recently had the pleasure wandering through Mexico City and I can't wait to tell you all about it!

Aperol Spritz at Condensa DF with Bologna, Italy 36x36 Wander Scarf styled on basket purse

Where should you eat in Mexico City? Mexico City is a food lovers dream, so this is by no means an exhaustive list of the best restaurants. This city and its cuisine is so expansive you could go an entire life time and never fully discover all its delectable treasures… but this list is a start :)

Panaderia Rosetta with Bologna Italy 36x36 Wander Scarf styled on sun hat

This has been my first trip centered around food. Thanks to chef @cucinnamelissa_ and writer @alyssamandel it was absolutely delicious!

Chiquitito Café

Chiquitito Cafe with Santorini Mini Wander Scarf styled on basket purse

We caught a very early flight from LAX to MEX. So naturally our first stop after dropping our luggage at Octavia Casa had to be coffee. Some lovely locals suggested we check out Chiquitito and I’m so happy we did!

Left to Right: Melissa styled the Santorini Mini Wander Scarf in her hair as local draws girlfriend in the background; Me enjoying an almond milk latte with Santorini Mini styled on basket purse; Exterior shot of Chiquitito

We ended up going here every morning, the coffee was seriously that good. I ended up bringing an extra large bag of espresso beans home!


Rosetta in La Roma, Mexico City

Our first dinner was at Rosetta in La Roma. It was equally picturesque & mouthwatering! We ordered so much food, including the most INCREDIBLE oysters I’ve ever had.

Rosetta Oysters & Bar

Be sure to get there early to enjoy a predinner cocktail in the upstairs bar!

Los Danzantes

The next day before heading to Muse De Frida Kahlo we ate lunch at Los Danzantes. Located right off of Jardín Centenario, it’s walking distance from Casa Azul!

Walking to Muse De Frida Kahlo after lunch at Los Danzantes

Everything we tried was so tasty ! I particularly enjoyed the octopus.

Lunch at Los Danzantes

Condesa DF

36x36 Bologna Italy Wander Scarf styled on Basket Purse while admiring the view from Condesa DF

There are plenty of rooftops all over Mexico City, but Condesa DF is my favorite as you are situated right among the trees. We were lucky enough to be here during jacaranda season and the view was breathtaking!

Cheers at Condesa DF

It was our intention to stop here for just predinner cocktails but the sushi looked so good we had to order some! 10/10 I recommend :)

View and Sushi at Condesa DF

Máximo Bistrot

After predinner drinks and sushi we went to Máximo Bistrot for the main course!

Scenes from Maximo Bistrot

We started the night thinking we were going to go dancing after dinner. But after three long days we were absolutely exhausted. Debating how we should end the night our bar tender was kind enough to make us all to-go Aperol Spritzes. We took them back to our hotel and sipped in bed while watching a movie. It was a perfect evening.

Panadería Rosetta

Panaderia Rosetta

For breakfast on day three we headed back to La Roma to eat pastries at Panadería Rosetta. I was in heaven noming on my vegan cookie while checking out the adorable flower stalls right outside the bakery.

Flower Stalls outside of Panaderia Rosetta; I am wearing the 36x36 Bologna Wander Scarf styled around my hat and Melissa styled the Santorini Mini in her hair

We wandered around the corner to find a market filled with vintage treasures and handicraft works for art! I scored some prints and fabulous earrings.

Park Market, La Roma, Mexico City


This spot is perfect for a big group! We met up with my mom and sister and this was a perfect spot for our party of 5. I recommend ordering the delectable cricket guacamole as an appetizer!

Scenes from Zanaya, Mexico City

After dinner visiting Fifty Mills is an absolute must for a night cap. We heard that brunch at Zanaya is spectacular. Unfortunately we couldn’t make it the next morning. But hey, you have to leave a little chicken on the bone for next trip!

Wandering around Mexico City wearing the Santorini Mini Wander Scarf in my hair

I cannot wait to visit Mexico City again to try even more restaurants! Until then,

- Keep wandering

Toledo Rooftop, Mexico City

Where do you like to eat, drink & be merry inn Mexico City? Let us know by commenting on our Instagram @wander_scarf

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